Customized Solutions for All Retail Needs

Every stage of the buying process requires high involvement from the consumer. Selling goods has evolved from ‘you want, I have’ to ‘everyone has, but mine is better.’ Creating this experience for the customer is of primary importance for every retailer. The quality of the experience at each step plays a vital role in the decision to make a purchase.

InEdge Retail Solutions is a service from IKYA, the fastest growing HR solutions provider in India.

As a solution provider par excellence, InEdge Retail Solutions has the edge and ability to bridge the gap between strategy and execution, with a difference.

Adding Vavlue to Your Business


A large network of offices for handling ground-level issues, processes and compliance


Using technology-led solutions for empowering mobility and automation


Providing tailor-made solutions across industry verticals and acting as a one-stop-shop for all retail needs


Delivering SLA-based approach with well-defined deliverables and consistent turnaround