It cannot be contradicted if we were to state that the recruitment industry is the driving force behind the labour market recovery in India and the world. The impact that recruiters have on people’s lives drives our nation’s businesses and helps in generating wealth. IKYA contributes towards this national imperative by ensuring a steady supply of trained manpower to manage resources in the following sectors:

Driving the industry with recruitment of proficient and experienced manpower in different levels of FMCG sector

This industry stays in expansion mode because of continuous inflow of foreign investment

This sector accounts for over 10 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and  demands a large workforce

It has become one of India’s largest sectors—both in terms of revenue and employment

A lot of investments and developments are driving this industry to greater heights, with constant demand for qualified manpower

The banking sector in India is large, adequately capitalised and well-regulated, demanding for a large workforce

India presents a significant opportunity for multinational corporations to leverage its potential

Increasing digitisation and higher Internet usage has ensured a steady demand for qualified professionals

The food and hospitality sector is one of the in India with growing demand for qualified professionals

Many foreign players have started to invest in the country, making it a most preferred industry